Sunday, 20 September 2009

Six socks!

Well with 15 trial-size pots of dye to try out I didn't want to be spending several days over each colourway!

So far I've had a go with six colours... and wierdly I've now got six skeins hanging on the kitchen door...

I've even got names for five of them... R to L: Fishermen's Feet; Hot Lips; Malarkey; Unnamed; Ancient Rime and Cherry Reef.

Not entirely sure about Fishermen's Feet... sounds a bit niffy... might change it to Fisherman's Friend... still niffy but different connotations...

The unnamed one with the hot pink is just so unlike my past work... but I love it!

Not entirely certain they're all completely finished yet... but I'll let you know.


  1. Congrats on the blog. Lovely colours - the unnamed yarn looks just like the colours of my fabric page called candy bubbles on my blog.

  2. oo I like the blue one. Lovely bright colours you've used :-)