Tuesday, 29 September 2009

And the other four...

Hot Lips (I had a lot of problems trying to get my camera to actually focus on the red)

Fisherman's Fancy (who says I'm a fickle namer?)

And I felt that the other two needed a little more definition of colour so I retouched both of them and I think they've worked out pretty well.

Cherry Reef

and finally Malarkey (which gave me problems as the green dye turned out to be so strong I had to rinse the skein about ten times)

All four in the shop now!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Two done!

My children never seem to sleep... and re-skeining with two little 'helpers' is a job filled with tangles, shouting and tears... which means that only two skeins are done so far!

But I'm pleased to say I've finally managed to work out how to get my new camera to focus so these will be going in the shop tonight. Ancient Rime and (thanks to Annie for naming inspiration) Disco Candy:

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Six socks!

Well with 15 trial-size pots of dye to try out I didn't want to be spending several days over each colourway!

So far I've had a go with six colours... and wierdly I've now got six skeins hanging on the kitchen door...

I've even got names for five of them... R to L: Fishermen's Feet; Hot Lips; Malarkey; Unnamed; Ancient Rime and Cherry Reef.

Not entirely sure about Fishermen's Feet... sounds a bit niffy... might change it to Fisherman's Friend... still niffy but different connotations...

The unnamed one with the hot pink is just so unlike my past work... but I love it!

Not entirely certain they're all completely finished yet... but I'll let you know.