Wednesday, 28 October 2009

At last Jenny!

You've been waiting quite a while for these:

Large longies (phew- the last 'no frills' pair of the order) in Heather:

And custom longies for your daughter - I hope the ruffled leg cuffs mean they'll go on to be crops and fit her for ages:

I keep feeling them up and down with hope in my heart... but sadly I think it's unlikely that they'll be dry enough to get them in the post today. Better go and check the strike update on RM's website in a moment but I think you may be waiting a little while longer :(

So now I'm hard at work on custom longies for Jane. Except that the kids haven't been well and have stopped sleeping once again so I'm struggling to keep awake and focus on things!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Something for me!

Dyed this up for a little treat for myself... and somebody else will be making it up for me... I can't wait XD
And as I had opened the very precious bottle of old-fashioned yellow food colouring (none of this newfangled 'natural' rubbish that couldn't dye a cake let alone wool) I sacrificed a small amount for a forthcoming secret BBM collab.

Mmm... I think it will be called 'Bonfire'!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Next two for Jenny

A large pair in Blueberry

and a medium pair in Denim

Saturday, 17 October 2009

BBM looms

Here's the sneaky peek of the wool for BBM longies...

The blue is still wet and there's trim for the green on the right. I decided to overdye it so it's in the microwave right now!

If I manage to get all that lot crocheted up then I've had a cool idea I'd like to try out for the end of the month.

For Jo

I'm still working away on Jenny's order - in fact the third pair of longies would have been finished last night... except I fell asleep... oh the excitement of my Friday nights...

But in between all the crocheting I've been busy dyeing and this lovely bundle for Jo was despatched safely today... phew... just need the postmen to do their jobs now...

There's also more woolly loveliness waiting to be re-skeined and go in the shop and even more which will be turning into longies for Buy British Month on Pics of all that lot coming soon...

Now back to that crocheting...

(It's obviously one of those ... days...)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

First pair for Jenny

Finished these yesterday - the first of four pairs of 'no frills' longies for Jenny's shop

They're in the Clematis colourway from New Lanark Mills and they've come out just a little larger than my normal medium size - I think their 'heather mixture' yarn is a bit more solid than their undyed which I've used previously.

The next ones, a large pair in blueberry, are already underway...

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pic for Jenny... it is... to turn it into five pairs of longies...